This is not a zoo

a new natural environment in Barcelona

Nowadays, it seems essential to rethink the zoo concept, thinking more about the animals welfare, than their exhibition. Therefore, we have imagine differents universes for the animals, preserving them, allowing investigations on their environment as if they weren't in captivity.

The Mediterranean basin is one of the richest climate in the world, we want to spotlight environments and animals appropriated to Barcelona’s area, as the most endangered feline in the world : the iberian lynx.

Visitors are suspended by a light footbridge overhanging the park and sheltering the different programs : veterinary school, laboratories, exhibition, conference, biogas silo ... The project encourage visitors to learn about the lifestyles of different species by a real immersion into wild nature. The project is opposed to the idea of limit : the border between predators and preys is flexible and the cage of birds no longer exists.

Plants and animals grow closer to their natural habitat thanks to an unlimited nature, oriented towards three ecosystems. They evolve according to the seasons and the moments of the day.

This is not a zoo but a new natural environment, allowing animals to have optimal conditions for their reproduction and future reintegration into the wild.

2nd price
Archstorming competition 2018