The lantern

This tiny cffee kiosk is an hexagonal flexible house that can be either closed and become a warm inner space - easily recognizable as a landmark - or be open and spread into the public place.
The lantern consists of a main fixed 60-cm-thick wall that contains the counter and all the technical facilities: water storage, heating, electricity system and battery. It holds the big coffee machine, the cash counter, a sink and a fridge, but also supports the ceiling.
Two arms are attached to this fixed counter, each one composed of three rollable modules, which allows a big variety of positions and combinations for the kiosk, according to the place, the weather or the time of the year.
Each 40-cm-thick module can be used as a living space, expandable in the streets. It is made of an aluminum frame, a wooden panel at the bottom, on the ground, a double polycarbonate panel on the exterior
side, opalescent plastic panels on the top and on the sides. Each module can thus hold a variety of wooden furniture, flexible benches, stools, a bar counter, a bin, shelves. LED-lights are integrated between the polycarbonate panels and in the ceiling.

Since the construction consists of several modules, all can all be easily dismantled and transported.