Home inside home

In a world where metropolises are densifying exponentially, the habitat continues its quest for eternal efficiency at the expense of the ideal lived. It is essential to put forward a new model adapted to societal changes.

The idea is to fill in the interstices of the city with a malleable earthen mass that is organized around an individual concrete house. Each floor of the house has a specific space : cellar, bedroom, living room and terrace.

The individual house in the center brings light deeper, allows natural ventilation and functions as a structural spine.

The earthen spaces have a dual function. First they allow the individual house to expand, by taking up for instance an additional room. It can also be rented by neighbors or travelers on a short time: a bed on a dormitory for an hour, a terrace for an evening, a large lounge for a weekend, a room for a week. These spaces offer new uses for multiple, complex and constantly changing societal situations. The large thickness of earth offers these spaces a great thermal comfort as well as new functional possibilities.

Home inside home responds to the paradox of an increasingly changing society always looking for stability.