Our promise : making your daily meals unique

Simply log into your private account. All your personal data such as your diet, the food you love, the last things you ate, your grandma’s dishes and many more have been automatically stored in the cloud. This way, if you cannot decide what to eat, Eatsperience will give you suggestions and
prepare a customized meal according to your preferences. No more worries and wasted time !

Once your selected dish is prepared, just enjoy your personalized pastry. Be ready to live this unique food experience through smell, sight, sound and of course, taste through natural brewed flavour*. New sensations will instantly give you the impression to be sent to far away places and therefore make you travel to India, Japan, Mexico or back to your childhood home!

Our Eatsperience Booths can be found in every place of your daily life, whenever you need it. Some options enable you to easily share your own Eatsperiences on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter under the Hashtag #myeatsperience.

*Our product is certified being safe and healthier than food.(no salt, fat or suggar)